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Friday, January 3, 2014

The 2013 Holidays

2013 was an odd year for my little family. It started with a punch in the face with the loss of my beloved Grandmother, my husband and I bought a house and celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary (the wood anniversary how fitting) on the same day, took lots of little road trips, and basically just spent the rest of the year nesting. We had lots of little personal ups and downs, but 2013 will keep stay with us for many reasons.

For me, one of the reasons will be that it was the year that holiday traditions and hosting was passed to us. As I've mentioned before, I'm an only child and I have only maternal grandparents. My grandmother, Mimi as I call her always hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everything was always so immaculately decorated and smelled of the season. I have such fantastic and fond memories of this. Now that she has passed and we are hosting, it is so very important to me that I keep this as intact as possible. In fact, I've been a bit obsessive about it, which may seem silly since it's just my husband, parents, and Grandfather, but I look at it as tribute to my Mimi and her years of giving me such wonderful memories. Everything went fine and the food turned out okay for me having cooked it so, all in all not too bad.

We took some photos of our Thanksgiving and Christmas that I thought I'd share.

Thanksgiving: my mother with Papa's dog Toby, my husband & I
We were able to decorate for the first time.

My dad captured this sweet little moment right after we hoisted up Penny, before we were
about to actually pose for the photo. It's my favorite photo of us ever.

So how was everyone's holidays? Any plans for the New Year?


geetabix said...

Love the picture with Penny!

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