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Friday, September 6, 2013

Mini House Tour

I never shared our home buying experience with y'all. I'm a planner and I could instantly see potential and our little family years down the road in every house we looked at, even it was falling over and semi dangerous. Our realtor told us I was the most positive potential home buyer she'd ever come into contact. It's true, I could find something that I loved in every house we saw. I did have a few pretty strict parameters, the house had to be pre-1960, have wood floors & high ceilings. We weren't too fussed about whether or not the house had modern conveniences, although now my husband says he's like a dishwasher. We looked at about 6 houses put an offer in on 1 (which was the one that made us start looking to buy) but they wanted too much for what was going to need a TON of work. I still LOVE that house though. We ended up with our 2nd house, which was just a block down the street, a lovely little 103 year old farm cottage that sits in a park. 

Ever since we bought the house I've been wanting to do a house tour to share, but since we bought an old house, we have very little storage, other than the attic. This has meant that we are having to go through thing we have compiled and moved from place to place over the years. It's actually a good thing as it's forced us to get rid of things that we really don't need. We finally have a couple of rooms in order, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to share.

We're going to change out the fan

My LBJ Corner

At the moment we're still working on getting all of the boxes out of our spare room, so we can turn it in to a parlor, and we're so close to finishing our bedroom. The one big embarrassment in the house is the kitchen. The color is AWFUL, so we need to paint and get an island, and redo the cabinets, but I think that may take a bit longer. Right now, I'm just happy that we're 3/4 of the way there!


Jennifer said...

Ahh! I LOVE your style! Can't wait to see more pictures.

Hannah said...

I love the history of the pieces in your house. Everything looks like it has a story to tell! I can definitely see you and your aesthetic in it. It's awesome!

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