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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shorts or Jorts?

Sun! This past weekend has been so cold and rainy that I happy when the sun came out yesterday, but also glad we got a lot of rain. With our horrible drought, you won't hear Texans complaining about rain! The sun did give me a chance to bust out my shorts which I have been so excited to do! I've had these particular shorts in my closet for years, but they've been too tight for a while. However, since my medication has caused my weight to change, I discovered recently that they actually fit, so I'm glad that I kept them. I've also found the same to be true with a few other pair of jeans, which I have also turned into shorts. Let's just say I'm excited for spring/early summer.

OOTD Details:

Top: Old Navy
Shorts: LB (years ago)
Shoes: Walgreen's

I mentioned a while back, in a previous post about my other bat wing shirt, that I ordered another one because I was so happy with the first one. My previous one I bought in a smaller size, but this one is my actual size. Now that I have both, I definitely prefer the smaller size. The top is over sized anyway and I've just never liked super loose fitting tops, unless I'm sleeping in them. However, I love the colors in this top so much, not to mention I am a bat wing shirt convert, so the size doesn't really matter.


Cruiser Dolly said...

cute! im happy for the gorgeous weather too!

k xo

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