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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Polka Dots

I hope everyone is having a glorious beginning of March. The weather in my part of Texas has been pretty nice with the cool spring mornings and lovely sunny afternoons. Not too much has been happening in my area lately. I am getting prepared to welcome my very best friend in town for a visit. I haven't seen him since I moved from London 2 years ago and I'm just thrilled to see him. I've been furiously planning activities for us to do and I'm getting really excited as he'll be here in a week, but more about that later!

On to today's outfit. You may remember a similar dress like this from a previous post. Well, this is the same dress with a different print. I found it a few weeks ago in the clearance section and picked it up for $10, which was a pretty good deal. I have to say, I don't like it as much as the the other print, but it's a great dress for work and I'm always looking for work clothes.

OOTD Details:

Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: Old Navy
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Patagonia

It's amazing how two of the same dresses can fit in completely different ways, but I definitely like the fit of the red version of this dress better.


Alex and Arthur said...

I have the same cardigan but the gray/neon yellow combo. Now I'm wishing I got the tan/orange one.

TraceyB said...

i love this, very pretty. I hope you have fun when your friend visits. xXx

Katie said...

I have both those dresses, too! They are my favorite finds of 2012 so far. I agree that the orangey, flowery one has that something extra (when wearing that one, I always get compliments from strangers), but this one's a beauty, too.

Something about the cut and the prints makes me feel comfortable, stylish, and professional all at once. Plus, I'm always on the lookout for pieces that make me feel like Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.

As a side issue, why don't they make dresses like this in Old Navy Women's Plus? Luckily, this one is roomy enough for me, but it was a little bit of a risk to order it. I'm jealous that you found it on a clearance rack.

Keep up the great posts!

MaMMaMoon said...

Love the dress! ^^<3 Very pretty.
Have a fun weekend! MMxoxo

Gemma D said...

Such a pretty dress! love it. Your blog is so pretty and well designed, plus love your style x

karen marie said...

um, YES PLEASE to polka dots! so cute! you have an adorable blog <3

Pretty Penny Mae said...

Alex- I almost got the grey one and switched at the last minute!

Tracey- Thanks!

Katie- Exactly! I feel the same way in the orangey/red one. I always think the same thing about Old Navy's Plus Size line. Every now and then they'll put out a dress in their straight sizes that will fit me, like with this one, but with their plus size range I've never found a dress that I've loved. I always end up feeling frumpy. Even if it's the plus size version of one in the straight size range. Hopefully one day they'll get it. ♡

Gemma- Thanks! I can't credit for my pretty blog design, the wonderful Rachele at NearsightedOwl.com was kind enough to give me a re-design back in February.

Karen Marie- Thanks so much!

Diana said...

So cute!

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